Snow Cemetery

                       Snow Cemetery on Dry Creek

Wiley Dwain Snow

18 graves are marked with fieldstone. Among  those  know to be buried there are;

William Snow 1784-May 21, 1868

Mahala Braswell  w/o William Snow 1788-March 10,  1865

James s/o William & Mahala Snow 1816-May13, 1894

Elizabeth Parker w/o James Snow 1820-1903

Martha d/o James &  Elizabeth Snow  November 20, 1852-October 20,1871

Susey Snow Vanatta d/o James & Elizabeth Snow w/o Elijah Vanatta January 23, 1860-about 1942

Elijah T. Vanatta about 1866-about 1930’s

Some of the Graves

Nancy C. Snow
Eboneser Snow
Snow Cemetery
Eric Dwain Snow Son Of Wiley Dwain Snow

     Snow Cemetery Videos

                                            Video #1

                                            Video #2

64 thoughts on “Snow Cemetery

  1. I am a descendent of William Billy Snow and Mahala Braswell- {4th Great..}

    Their son, Wiley Snow and Catherine Scott Snow- { 3rd Great
    and their son, Jasper Snow & Eveline Youngblood- { 2nd Great}
    and their son, William Issac Snow & Ida Darcus Ramsey { 1st Great}
    and my parents, William Orison Snow( aka. O W ) & Clara Emma Loedige.

    I hope to visit the cemetery one day.

    Judy Snow Greene

    1. I am a descendent of James (Jimmy) Snow son of William and Mahala
      He was a preacher on Dry Creek, I got his bible, I posted pictures of it on this site.

      1. Hi Cousin! Do you live on the property where the graves are?
        What about the caves that are somewhere around there that they used to keep the cattle in? Is Ebenezer Snow buried there and did he fight in The Revolutionary War? I am just starting on my ancestry quest and have a lot of questions.

      2. Hello Wiley Dwain,
        I am Linda Snow Davis and I am trying to connect to one of the TN Snows. My Gr grandfather was a Sam/Samuel M.? Snow born in Ark. in 1873 his son Willard b in MO and daughter Manda (shoud be Maude) was born in Choctaw Nation Indian Territory. From the census records his father, Richard Snow was born in TN. and he married Frances. I don’t have my notes in front of me so I do not remember her maiden name. And as far as I know some of their children were William, Charles, Samuel, Arthur but there was one or two others that I know of. Richard’s father was born in NC

        I would like to be able to find Richard’s father or actually WHICH Richard he is.

        If you could contact me or anyone here that might be able to help, it would help my search of over 25 years, as I just found out who my Grandpa Snows father was this past January.


    2. Dear Judy Greene, you say you are a descendant of William Billy Snow and his wife Mahala, and of their son, Wiley and his wife, Catherine Scott. The Sons of the American Revolution are trying to find documentary proof of this father-son connection in order to help a descendant of that branch to become a member of the SAR. Do you have this information in the form of a birth certificate, marriage document, Bible record, Succession papers, etc. that prove this relationship, as the SAR requires documentary proof of blood line.
      Please respond to:
      Thank you so much for your consideration of my concern.
      John Francois, Registrar, Attakapas Chapter, LASSAR

      1. I also am a descendant of Wiley and Catherine Snow and am trying to find the same link. Another cousin, David Causey, is trying to link thru them to William and Mahala for a SAR membership. ANY info you might have would be greatly appreciated. My email addy is
        Thanks so much,
        Beverly Joe Vaughn
        The Snow Cemetery where Wiley & Catherine are buried is located at Wayton, Newton Co. AR. I grew up less than a mile from the cemetery.

  2. I do not live on the property, but the view on this page at top is the view from my house from the deck over looking upper Dry Creek, down under the fog is where the cemetery and the caves are.Ebenezer left DeKalb County and died in Roane County, Tennessee where he move to. Yes He was in the Revolutionary War.
    I can send you what got by email (scan documents) my info came form Tommy Webb’s book. I have not got the book But Tommy scan the part in the book about the Snow’s in DeKalb Co. For me at the library in Smithville.
    It goes back to the Mayflower just let know where you wont to start.and send me email

    My email

    1. I’m trying to link my gr gr grpa Wiley to his parents, William & Mahala. Would you please share the docs you’re talking about from the Webb book? Also, have you heard about there being two books by ‘Webb, Webb Families of DeKalb Co, TN’ and ‘Snow Families of DeKalb Co. TN’
      I have other docs that I’ll be more than happy to share if you don’t have’em. Look forward to hearing from you.
      Bev ~:}

      1. I just put some of tommy’s
        Book on this site it’s under the link The Snow Family Of DeKalb County,Tennessee
        I going to put some more soon


  3. Yes, please send me the documents from Tommy Webbs book. My sister Barbara & I have been researching and she found 3 generations of Nicholas Snows that seemed to link to us. They were originally from England & our Great….. Grandmother came over on the Mayflower………..We were hoping it was true………..Start with Wiley Snow-Catherine Scott, son of William Billy Snow-Mahala Braswell, son of Ebenezer Snow-Sally Wicker, son of William B. Snow-(1st wife Hannah)Martha, son of Issac Snow-Alice ?, son of John Snow-Mary Smalley, son of Nicholas Snow III-Constance Hopkins, who came over on the Mayflower, son of Nicholas Snow II-Mary Walker, son of Nicholas Snow I – Elizabeth Harwoode
    Any thing you can give us would be very appreciated.
    Thank you so much
    My email is

  4. Dwain,
    I just talked to Tommy Webb about ordering the book but found out that there are two books but only one available to order. Which one did you send the pages from and would there be enough information about the Snow’s in the EARLY VIRGINIA SETTLERS………BOOK ?

    1. I am not sure the name of the book, I can find out, I don’t think there is anymore, that’s why I have not got one, did he tell you the name of the one he could order He has written 5 or 6 different books most of the history of DeKalb County, He is a descendent of James Snow, his grandmother was a Snow that is way this book follows James Snow all the way to me and him. He gave me James Bible,there is a lot of Snow’s in this book I can send the rest if you like. You can call me 615-597-1883 Dwain,

  5. I’ve been digging around in the Snow genealogy for the past few years – my wife is gr gr granddaughter of Wiley Snow. And she and her sister have been looking for the connection between Wiley and his father. Seems that I’ve not been able to get that through census records so having to look elsewhere. This blog makes the connection that gives them new places to look. The book by Tommy Webb seems to be a good resource. Both of them are trying to document back to the Mayflower and know that it is true and the Mayflower Society has it documented thru James Snow but no mention of Wiley. We have a trip planned to eastern TN in the spring so DeKalb County is a stop on the way. Their grandfather, Isham G Snow was a preacher too.

  6. I am also a descendent from Ebenzer Snow, William Snow, James Snow, James Madison Snow, We are descended of a Rev Solider which is Ebenzer Snow. I have proved our line all the way back to the Mayflower and a member of the TN Mayflower Society.

    1. Stephen Hopkins can over on the Mayflower in 1620 and brought his daughter Constance with him she was 14 at the time and Nicholas Snow came to Plymouth on July 10, 1623 on the ship Ann, By 1627 he married Constance Hopkins .

      John Snow 1638-1692
      Isaac Snow 1683-1749
      William Snow 1720-1783
      Ebenezer Snow 1758-1835
      William ( billy) 1784-1868 died on dry creek 1868
      James Snow 1816-1894
      Sam Snow 1816-1922
      Bob Snow 1892-1964
      Wiley Snow 1923-2005
      And me Wiley Dwain Snow 1955- ?

  7. I am very proud of my nephew Dwain Snow. He has taken so much time and effort doing this.He is a wonderful nephew and we the Snow here are very greatful for his work and love.

  8. Do you have a photo of the copyright page of the James Jimmy Snow Bible? If so could you scan it and add to the Bible page. I would greatly appreciate this.

  9. I’m the son of Charlie Snow and the grandson of Sam Snow and Mattie Lou Snow. Eleanor was my father’s first cousin. I live in Texas and hope to visit the area with my wife next year. Haven’t been there since I was a kid.

  10. I too am a descendent of Ebenezer Snow, then son Wiley Snow and Catherine Scott. then their son James Snow who married Mary Causey in Newton county Arkansas where Wiley and his family migrated to from TN. I visited the museum there and found a book written by Patricia Bliss Cox. It was titled James Milton Taylor Family 1790-1996. There is a SNOW lineage page in there from the mayflower. I am trying to apply to the mayflower society, but cant find any information on James Snow b1860, TN. married Mary Causey 1884 Newton County Arkansas. he died young. most of his siblings are buried at Snow cemetery, Wayton, Newton County, Ark. along with Wiley and Catherine Snow. Mary Causey moved to Oklahoma and remarried, raised their children. This side of our family was never passed down. If someone could help, would greatly appreciate it.
    Some day I plan to visit DeKalb County, TN and the cemetery there.

    1. It is a small world; I decend from Ebenezer Snow, Wiley and Catherine as well; Mathew Snow’s and Sarah Mole’s daughter Minerva Catherine Snow, who Married Gabrel Lewis Causey. Both familes arrived here early and intermaried frequently, Nathanal and Thomasina Causey were at Jamestown.

  11. Actually here is my correct lineage

    Ebenezer Snow 1758-1835
    William Snow 1784-1868
    Wiley Snow 1818-1893
    James Snow 1860- ?
    John Lee Snow,Sr. 1886-1957
    Edgar Snow1919-1973
    Eugene Snow 1931-2014
    then me Regina 1966-

  12. Regina what’s your e-mail address. I have proven my line and I’m in the TN Mayflower Society. I do not have you line in my family tree but will try to help you find what you need. E-mail to me at

    1. Regina, Cheryl, I, also, am trying to find the documents to link Wiley to his parents, William & Mahala or his brother, James. I have three different people helping me but so far we’ve found nothing.
      Another cousin in Louisiana is trying to find the same link that I am.
      here’s my line…
      Wiley Snow
      Jasper Snow
      Mary Sue Snow Vaughn
      and then me, Beverly Joe Vaughn

      any help you guys could offer would be soooo appreciated.
      I’ll be more than happy to share any and everything I have on the family.
      Can’t wait to hear from both of you!
      Bev ~:}

      1. Beverley, The SAR recently accepted Census documentation that linking the family together. they were all living side by side with their spouses. I don’t know if it will help you.

  13. When I visited Newton county Arkansas last summer, the museum found this book for me. James Milton Taylor Family 1790-1996. It has the Snow Lineage in it. I will try to scan these pages. send me your email address Bev. and I will be happen to send.

      1. Wiley, I just read the post from you in reference to the Snows possibly having a reunion. If you hear anymore about plans, could you please email me at I am the one looking for Richard Snow b 1840 in TN, I believe Roane, but it may have been another co. at the time of his birth. I still have not found out who my Richard’s father was. I also just saw your post to try contacting Tommy Webb. I will call tomorrow, do you know if he is still living? Thank you.
        Linda Davis

      2. If we have one I will email you
        And yes he is still living
        You might get him at the library

  14. Hi, it appears we are related. I am a direct descendant of Ebenezer Snow.

    Ebenezer Snow (1758 – 1835)
    Solomon B Snow Sr. (1798 – 1852)
    Ebenezer Snow (1821 – 1892)
    Phoebe E Snow (1889 – 19??)
    Charles E Dobbs (1908 – 1995)
    Peggy J Dobbs (1943 – 2010)
    Karla J Scates (1965 – Living)
    Jonathan R Lee (Me)

  15. I am so thrilled to have found this site. I believe I am a descendant of Ebenezer Snow. My grandparents raised me up until age 9, and they were from Dry Creek. My grandmother was Effie Lee Snow, and my great grandparents were Sam and Mary Snow, first cousins. I spent many trips as a child and young adult up on Dry Creek and visiting my great grandparents who had a little place in Watertown. My grandmother Effie Lee Snow had two sisters, Wilma and Mildred. Effie Lee married James Edward Pirtle , they had three children Billie Ruth (my mother) Norma Jean and Jim. in the early 80’s my brother and I visited my grandparents in Smithville (where they retired after moving to Michigan after the war) and we hiked up Dry Creek looking to find the house my grandmother was born in. The house was gone, but the barn was still there. I have never felt that I belonged here in Michigan and it is my dream to retire and live out my last days in Tennessee where I belong.

      1. I visited Elizabeth Edwards in 2010 in Lebanon. I met Elizabeth at Aunt Mildred Snow, Nix’s funeral and we became pen pals. I went to the CMA Fest 2 years ago, and stopped in Watertown, and drove through Smithville. It is so sad that my connections have passed on. I sent some flowers and a letter for Elizabeth’s service tomorrow. I would love to visit the Snow Cemetery – I do metal detecting, there could be items left by family there.

  16. I am looking at a beautifully framed photo of Dry Creek, DeKalb County, taken by DeWain Snow. Elizabeth Edwards (my grandmother’s first cousin) gave this to me about 6 years ago when I visited her at Christmas in Lebanon.
    My grandmother was Effie Lee Snow, daughter of Sam and Mary Snow. She raised me until I was 8 yrs old. I spend a lot of time in Tennessee and up on Dry Creek as a child and young adult. I think I may be a descendant of Ebenezer Snow, would love to know more. My mother was Billie Ruth Pirtle and she had a sister Norma Jean and brother James. My brother and I hiked up dry creek in the early 80’s trying to find the house where my grandmother was born, it was gone but the barn was still there at that time. I would love to leave Michigan where I do not belong and live out my last days in Tennessee which has always felt like home. I spend time with my great grandparents in Watertown, and visited my grandparents in Smithville where they retired as often as I could.

  17. My name is John David Emery I have just found out through DNA that Mahala Braswell married William (Billy) Snow. Was my great,great,great,great grandmother. Their daughter Elizabeth had two daughters Pariele and Cuma both married Emery brothers from Liberty Tennessee. One brother John the other Thomas (Buck) Emery they lived around Dry Creek and Liberty. Moved to Allen County Ky. After 1880 and lived here till they died in the 1920 to 1926 time frame.I owned a houseboat docked at Sligo in the late 90’s and early 2000. I crossed Dry Creek many times and then went up Snow Hill when it was 2 lane. I knew the Snows were in my family Decalb Co.I searched the library in Smithville and learned about Mr. Webb’s book but could never get one.I’m very happy to find my cousins. I live in Scottsville, Ky. about one and half hours from Smithville.

  18. My sister, Barbara Snow has moved to Greenback, TN. I will be visiting her the last week in May. We hoped to plan a visit to the cemetery. We are related to Ebenezer Snow.
    Judy Snow Greene

  19. My name is John Emery and I am related to the Snow family. You can see my earlier post. Mahala Braswell was my great, great , great, great grandmother. The Emery linage is Cherokee. I would real careful when checking a grave site with a metal detector. There are 14 graves in the old Emery cemetery in Scottsville, Ky. I have checked them with a metal detector and it hit on every grave. I would never desecrate a grave. When you get out side what is a know grave you also have strong hits, these could also be graves dating back to about 1880. Just be careful.
    John D Emery

      1. I hope that nobody is confused about what metal detecting is – it is not an effort to desecrate anything -and you would never ever do it at the site of a grave, ever. We search for relics of all kinds, like buttons, thimbles, buckles, coins, etc. Permission is always given before anyone does any detecting on private property.

  20. When I saw the nice video of the property, I was wondering who owns it, and if there could be a volunteer effort by the current day Snow family members to reinstall the fence that was once there to preserve the property, and mark it off like it once was. I would donate money to that effort.

  21. Lynda,
    I was not implying that you would ever desecrate anyone’s grave. I was simply stating that any surrounding area around a grave site could be another grave. Sounds like you have more knowledge of using a metal detector than I. My apology’s to you.
    John D Emery

  22. Hey, no problem. Well it is a good hobby. Lots of exercise and for me it is the outdoor in the woods experience, not the things we find. It is a new hobby, and the most unique find was two old pewter toy soldiers, made in the image of Hessians, found in the woods at a Metro park:) We find bullets, and shell casings, some junk jewelry, lots of toy cars, parts of horse tack, you name it. We practice good stewardship, and you can’t tell we were there, the big machine finds the target, the hand held pin pointer takes you right to it. When you dig a plug it is rarely more than 6″ deep and you put the dirt on a towel, once you find the target, you replace the loose dirt, then the plug, stomp it down. I like to say we are cleaning the earth, one bottle tab at a time, and we remove any and all trash that we find when we are out. I just got a sophisticated machine that can tell you what the likely target is, and how deep. It is also waterproof for up to 10 feet of water. This year we are going to try some Michigan rivers, places where people get dropped off and go tubing. But I watch a lot of videos of down south, where they are really into relic hunting, Civil War stuff. For me it is the whole day experience, pack a picnic, enjoy the outdoors, and sometimes walk up to 8-10 miles up and down hills. The guy I go with had a major heart attack and his doctor thinks this is a great thing to do. Walking, stooping, bending, kneeling.

    I treasure my Snow family heritage so much. I was blessed to be raised by Effie Snow the first 9 years of my life who came up on Dry Creek. I spent lots of time in Watertown and Smithville, and visited my grandparents every chance I got before they passed away. We made many trips to Watertown in the 50’s and early 60’s, and I got to know my great grandparents, Mary and Sam Snow – both Snows! My memories of the feather beds, the tin roof, the pot bellied stove in the living room, the barn, the outhouse, and on and on are so vivid in my mind and heart. The old men in their overalls whittling, the total experience. The family, how they cared about each other. I would never do anything to harm that memory or anything connected to it – it means the world to me. Not a day goes by that I am not grateful for what they did for me, and what they exposed me to. I am serious about donating money if there is an effort to preserve the cemetery and enclose it like it once was, to protect it.. I haven’t visited the cemetery, but I have visited Dry Creek many times. Actually, I want to retire down there in a few years, it’s home to me. It might have to be a place closer to a larger hospital, like McMinnville, I do research all the time. I think the way my ancestors lived was absolutely the best way to live, and they gave up so much moving to Detroit after the war for work.

  23. If you would like to donate for the upkeep of this site and Snow Cemetery go to and then to Send Money then enter to donate.
    Make note Snow Family
    Or you can mail a check to
    Dwain Snow
    900 West Main St.
    Smithville TN. 37166

    I would like to upgrade this site so that I could put more photos and videos on this site.
    Also The Cemetery always needs maintenance all through the summer weed eating and spraying general maintenance.
    The fence around Ebonezer and Nancy grave needs restoring.
    Right now it’s somewhat of a job just to get to it carrying tools, there is no road going right to it.

  24. I never saw this post – but it is an excellent idea. I think about what will it be like in 100 years from now when you are gone? It is a big effort for one person alone. I don’t know how the State of Tennessee regards sites like this, and what happens when somebody buys this type of property with grave sites on it – hopefully there are measures in place to protect places like this. I will send you a check in the mail. We would not be able to see this or know about it without you. It is truly wonderful. Thank you for all that you do.

  25. When I was a young man my dad told me about the cemetery and about where it was at but we could not find it,it was in the middle of summer and you just don’t off in the woods in the middle of summer in Tennessee,
    and when I became a grandfather for the first time 9 years ago I ask my oldest son to go with me and see if we could find it, we ask a neighbor that lived close by did he know about Snow Cemetery he said yes and pointed us in the right direction so we started out up this ridge walk all the way up to the top and we stop I told my son we must have miss it, so we started back down and then about half way down I look down at my feet and there it was Ebenezer stone I yelled to my son I found it, I felt like I had found the treasure (Indiana Jones) and every since then I’ve been keeping it from growing up with weeds and trees.

    So one day I though they are descendants out there that would like to know about the cemetery and the caves sense we are descendants of the Mayflower and that’s when I started this site.
    Maybe when I get so old and can not do much that one of my sons will take care of it I hope.

    They are Cemeteries that are forgotten about, there is another cemetery on Dry Creek it’s the Sam Snow Cemetery He was my Great Grandfather I know about where it is but it’s hard to get there event if I could there may be nothing left to find.

    Cemeteries in Tennessee are protected by law.

  26. I just wrote you a letter and sent you a check, it’s out in my mailbox:) I bet you felt like that. Effie told me about the graves, said “They are buried up there on the hill somewhere.” The hike I made up that creek was amazing, it got steeper and steeper till we couldn’t go any farther. I couldn’t believe that there was no sound. Somebody said we were lucky we didn’t get shot, don’t know if that is true or not. I think God put you in that place to do what you are doing. When I was in my 20’s they would talk about hippies being up there somewhere. I took Effie to look up a woman that she went to school with on Dry Creek. We found her, she was quite old, I took their photo. One thing impressed me was what a great education they got there. You would not think it would be that way. To this day I wish my handwriting was as good as Effie’s. We were pen pals for many years, I saved all of her letters, what a treasure those are. She spoke of it being a thriving community up on Dry Creek. It is snowing here and I am going to Michigan Master Gardening Class tonight – my friend just sent me a message, it was her turn to drive and she can’t make it – so I have to get a move on – it’s about 15 miles away on a heavy traffic road that is under construction. I have to leave very early.

  27. I never knew that some of my descendants could have come to America on one of the ships with the Mayflower. I never knew I was a direct link to Mahala Braswell until I did the DNA test and had a very high present being related to her.
    In 1997 we docked our houseboat at Sligo Marina just south of Smithville. Since I knew the Emery and the Snow family’s had lived there. I did a lot of research at the library in Smithville. I told the ladies that worked there I would like to have the book by Mr. Webb. No longer in print and impossible to find was the answer I received.
    For those that are interested I can tell you where to start on the journey to get the proper recognition for Ebenezer. In Tennessee it is called THE TENNESSEE HERITAGE COUNCIL. I encountered this in my home state of Ky. I live about one hour and thirty minutes from Smithville. I was selling a farm that had a cemetery on the property where a Revolutionary War Veteran was buried. He had a large tombstone and a medallion right in the center. There were about 12 graves in the cemetery some with names and others with only stones. I have no idea who any relatives might be.
    Since the graves would have to be relocated for the intended use of the property I had to deal with the Kentucky Heritage Council. You could never imagine what you would have to go thru to move a cemetery. In my after thoughts I am very proud that we do have a Gov. Agency to protect our heritage.
    When I have more time I will look up the name of the person buried there.
    Thanks to Mr. Snow and all of the ones that post.
    John D Emery

  28. Here is the site for your viewing in the cemetery in Allen Co. Ky. Google Sgt. George T Heeter and look at his tombstone and plaque. If we can get together it is possible we can do the same for Ebenezer Snow. The site will tell you spelled it wrong, look below this and you will see all about Sgt. Heeter.
    John D Emery

    1. The Ebenezer that is buried in the snow cemetery on Dry Creek is not the Ebenezer that was in the revolutionary war so which Ebenezer are you referring too.

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